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Can anyone please help me on this. I am having trouble trying to figure out what to write.
Use the infromation you gathered throughout the course to distinguish what you think is the greatest strength and the greatest weakness of the current special educational system in America. Write a 200-to 300-word reflection that explain your opinon.
This is what I have so far: Educating special needs students can be challening. Teaching special needs required a lot of hard work and understanding. Teaching special needs children includes teaching students with learning disabilities, attention deficits (with or without hyperactivity), developmental delays, behavioral problems, or other distinctive disorders. One reason why educating special needs students is often so complex is because there are many different sometimes delicate, issues involved. There are legal issues around teaching special needs as well, including federal laws such as the IDEA, No Child Left Behind (NCLB), and Section 504 of the Rehabilitations Act of 1973. It is important to understand these laws while educating special needs studnets because sometimes the laws can affect classroom management.

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