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My daughter is writing a paper on her 3 favorite things about fall. She has chosen Halloween, Volleyball and Football. She is having a hard time with the introduction of it. Any ideas?

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    She must write the paper first. You can't introduce something without knowing what you're introducing.

    If you post the paper without an introduction, we'll be glad to help her write an introduction, based on the content of the body of the paper.

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    This what she has so far:

    One reason I like fall is because of Halloween. I like all the different costumes on Halloween. Different costumes show different personalities. During Halloween there are a lot of different decorations. I like the more scary rather than the more funny decorations. The last thing I like about Halloween is the Wayne Costume contest. During the contest you see really well detailed costumes. The costumes, decorations and the contest are why I enjoy Halloween.

    A second reason why I like Fall is it's Volloeyball season. Serving is a reason why I like Volleyball. Serving gives the server their own special thing to do. Another reason I like Volleyball is it's a quiet sport. Volleyball being quiet puts less pressure on the players. The last reason why I like Volleyball is it can have intense moments. Intense moments serving, quietness, and intense moments are why I like watching and playing Volleyball.

    The last thing I like about Fall is pro and college football. I like all the rivalry between Michigan and Ohio State Buckeyes. The rivalry between the two teams bring out the best in the players. Another reason I like football is the football parties. During the parties you get to see how strongly spirited people can be. The last reason I like football is watching my favorite teams play.

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    Go Michigan!!! My son is a U of M graduate! :-)

    This is an excellent paper.

    Now for the introduction --

    Here's one idea:

    Scary Halloween costumes, intense volleyball games, and spirited football games sum up fall for me.

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    LOL....Excellent. Thank You So Very Much!!!! GO BLUE!!!!

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    Yay! GO BLUE!

    Rereading my suggestion, I'd change one of the "games" to contests -- or some similar word.

    You're very welcome!

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