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Triangles ABC and RST are similar triangles. Angle A=2(x+15)^0 angle S=3x^0,and angle C=x^0. What are the measures of angles B,R,and T? What kind of triangles are they?

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    In similiar triangles <A = <R, <B = <S & <C = <T

    < A = 2(x+15)
    < B = 3x
    < C = x

    <A + <B + <C = 180^0
    2(x+15) + 3x + x = 180
    2x + 30 + 3x + x = 180
    6x + 30 = 180
    6x = 150
    x = 25^0

    <B = 3x = 3(25) = 75 degrees
    <R = 2(x+15) = 2(25+15) = (2x40) = 80 degrees
    <T = x = 25 degrees

    Triangle ABC and RST are acute, scalene triangles

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