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chemistry problem

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A carbon nucleus has six protons and six neutrons. How many electrons would it take to equal the mass of a carbon nucleus?

ok. i think theres some type of formula or some trick to figure this one out but i don't know what it is. If you guys know how to figure this out can u tell me then i will try to get the answer and post it so u can check it:) Thanks!

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    look up the three masses, solve for n.

    An close estimate of n will be 12*1760, since one electron is 1/1760 th of the mass of a nucleon.

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    thanks. im stuck on finding the masscarbon though. i searched on google and nothing comes up with the mass of a carbon.

  • chemistry problem -

    i got 7.9X10^28 for some weird reason. is the mass of carbon. .012011?

    wut am i doing wrong?

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