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Physics - Power Law Data Analysis

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In an experiment, two variable quantities, x and y were measured. The relation between x and y is thought to be: y= 4(pi)b(x)^3
x(cm) +/- 0.02cm

y(g) +/- 0.25g

a) Draw a complete table that allows you to plot the graph which could be used to verify the relation between x and y.
b) Calculate the value of b using the a graphical method.

  • Physics - Power Law Data Analysis -

    What is your question. The instructions are clear. If you think it is a cube power, frankly, I would plot it on log paper (logy=log 4PIb + 3logx) So on log-log paper, it will be a straight line scatter plot). 1x1 cycle should do it for that data.

  • Physics - Power Law Data Analysis -

    Can I make my x value as 3sqrtx, I will get the same straight line? Is that possible, if I use log and the 3sqrtx i get different values of b, which one is more accurate?

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