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I require an algorithm that will receive two integer items from a terminal operator, and display to the screen their sum, difference, product and quotient
How to do that?

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    You do not require an algorithm to do the named operations because there is no repetition. You need a pseudocode (the steps named in English or an understandable language) or a computer programme.

    Think of the computer as a robot and give it instructions to do what you need done. Split the instructions into simple steps. Post what you have and we will give you our comments.

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    Get first integer number
    Get second integer number
    Get operator
    if operator is +
    set total = first number + second number
    elseif operator is -
    set diff = first number - second
    elseif operator is *
    set product = first number * second number
    quotient = first number / second number
    end else

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