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An airplane flying at 120km/h due west moves into a region where the wind is blowing at 40km/h due east. If the plane's original vecotr velocity is Vplane, what is the expression for the plane's resulting velocity in terms of Vplane.

a. 1/3 >Vplane
b. 2/3>Vplane
c.1 Vplane
d. 80Vplane

Please explain how to find this- I thought I took 120-40 = 80 but D doesn't seem like the right answer

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    This should say Physics-Typo error

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    it seems to me if V is 120, and the new velocity is 80, then 80/120 V is the expression, or resulting velocity=2/3 V
    Your choice of answers are nonsense. Ask your teacher what they mean. I hope this is not a college course.

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