Business Research for Decision Making

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1. Decide on the type of tool or instrument you think would be effective given your topic on if there is no relationship between customer relationship and customer loyalty, explain why this type of tool would be optimal, and point to research which has used similar tools.
2. Find a random number generator and create simulated data for not more than 25 participants (test subjects) in the study using the ranges of values for the variables you established above.
3. Using the hypothesis testing methods presented in Sekaran (2003), suggest a method that you believe would be most appropriate to test this hypothesis. Limit your choices of hypothesis testing to only one of three possibilities: graphical method, correlation or t-test. You may use the statistical functions in MS Excel for any of these three methods. Finally, explain the rationale for your selection. Why was this method selected when compared with the strengths and weaknesses of the other two methods?
4. Now that you have created “notional” (simulated) data to illustrate the hypothesis testing method, apply these data to the hypothesis testing method you selected. Based on the simulated data and your hypothesis testing method, indicate if the null hypothesis is accepted or rejected and why.
5. Based on your findings, comment on the potential implications of these findings as a potential contribution to the scholarly literature.

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