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A 4kg object is subjected to two forces, F1=2Ni-3Nj, and F2=4Ni-11Nj. The object is at rest at the origin at t=0.

What is the objects acceleration? I know you use F=m*a

Do you add the two F vectors together & take the square root to find the sum of F?
ex: Fnet=6Ni-14Nj & then sqrt(6^2+14^2)=12.5N

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    A = F/m

    A = (F1+F2)/4
    F1+F2 = 6 i - 14 j as you said
    A = (3/2) i - (7/2) j

    sure if you want the magnitude go ahead and use 12.5/4 but it just said find the acceleration which is the vector A

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    it looks right to me. just plug in 12.5N and 4kg into the formula and solve for acceleration.

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    Thanks guys!

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