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Four capacitors are connected in series with a battery, as in the figure below, where C1 = 3.24 µF, C2 = 6.11 µF, C3 = 12.1 µF, C4 = 25.0 µF, V = 18.4 V.

(a) Calculate the capacitance of the equivalent capacitor.

(b) Compute the charge on C3.

(c) Find the voltage drop across C3.

C4 is removed from the circuit, leaving only three capacitors in series.
(a) Find the equivalent capacitance.
Ceq = µF

(b) Find the charge on C2.
Q = µC

(c) Find the voltage drop across C2.
ΔV = V

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    This looks like a duplicate post

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    An electron traveling horizontally from North to South enters a region where a uniform electric field is directed downward. What is the direction of the electric force exerted on the electron once it has entered the field?

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