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Thank you very much for all.
Here are some more sentences I'm not sure of.

1) My family is made up of/composed of/formed by three people: my father, my mother and I (or me?)
2) My family consists of three people.
In my family there are three people.
3) I like riding my motorbike (but: going for a ride on my motorbike)
I have a twin sister called Jessica
I have a little dog and I'm in charge of feeding it.
4) In August I was on holiday with my family in the mountains.
I went to a small mountain village called Pieve.
5) When I returned home, there was the annual village festival. A cattle fair was held for the occasion where farmers took their animals.
6) I helped waiting at table.
7) How do you call the meeting organized at the beginning of the school year when the parents get to know the teachers?
How much/high was the half-board price?
8) I went to see the performance organized by the hotel entertainers.
9) I spent the rest of my stay (?) there sunbathing.
10) I regretted coming back home.
11) I wished I could stay there longer.

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    Now, now, now ... you're slipping back into the bad habit of posting everything instead of only the ones you REALLY are unsure of.

    Pick 4 or 5.

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