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When building a house, a structured, modular approach is better than a haphazard approach. Explain how a structures approach relates to developing programs and why using an organized approach is important. Post a simple pseudocode, coding example or a flowchart.

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    Hmmmm. "better" is in the eye of the beholder. No doubt having the big picture before construction makes changes later easier, and facilitates growth and change. But "better"?

    Now in code, a structured approach allows one to standardize routines, and call them from file. Using this approach allows one to use proven code, avoiding troubling errors. Flowcharts to me, is a visual logic flow for decisions and data flow, and can make processes fast.

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    Could you give me an example of what it would look like?

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    A structured approach when it relates to developing programs means that you are basically using one of three different structure types, which is known as single-alternative, dual-alternative, and multi-alternative structures. A structured approach relates to developing programs by meaning that when a program receives a statement it will continue to move one block at a time, and at the end of each block executing or skipping to the next block based on the answer that it received. The difference between single-alternative and dual-alternative is that a single-alternative structure contain a single block of statements at a time, and a dual-alternative structure containes two blocks of statements at a time. It is imperative to use an organized approached when developing programs just as you would when building a house, because if you do not put in the appropriate statements for the program to go step by step, then the program will be confused on how to respond to each statement and how to proceed, and the program would not work properly.

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