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Hey can anybody please help me with this? Im stuck? I got the first part right, but I don't really know. Ok here's the problem:
Annie kept track of the cars she saw on the highway? She saw twice as many Toyotas as Skyalks. The number of Pintos was eight less than the number of Toyotas. There were four times as many grand arms as Pintos. Maria counted 24 Grand Arms. How many cars did she see on the highway?

  • Math -

    X Skyalks
    2X Toyotas
    (2X - 8) Pintos
    4(2X - 8) Grand Ams = 24

    4(2X - 8) = 24
    8X -32 = 24
    8X = 24 + 32 = 56
    X = 7 Skyalks
    2X = 2 * 7 = 14 Toyotas
    2X - 8 = 2 * 7 - 8 = 6 Pintos

    Total = 7 + 14 + 6 + 24 = 49 cars.

  • Math -

    number of cars
    skywalks = x
    toyotas = 2x
    pintos = 2x-8
    grand arms = 4(2x-8) = 24

    solve for the x using the grand arms equation above...

    substitute x to the equations to get the number of cars per type of car..

    add all the cars from each type..

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