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an estate valued at $62,000 is left by a will as follow:to each of two grandchildren a certain sum,to the son twice as much as to the two grandchildren together,and to the widow $2,000 more than to the son and granchildren together. How much goes to each? I tried by reading piece by piece and breaking it up but its gets more and more confusing...need help and understanding right away!!!:)

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    the 2 grandchildren each gets x dollars.
    son gets 2(2x) dollars
    widow gets 2(2x)+2000 dollars

    all add up to $62000

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    sorry! theres a modification:

    the 2 grandchildren each gets x dollars.
    son gets 2(2x) dollars
    widow gets 2(2x)+2000+2x dollars

    all add up to $62000

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    solve for x and then find out how much each person gets using by substituting x to the values..

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