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Two balls are dropped, one from height H and the other from a height of 4H. How far apart should they be dropped (time wise) to hit the ground at the same time.

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    h=1/2 g t^2 is the basic formula.

    H=1/2 g (t-to)^2 where to is the time the lower one is dropped, after the higher.
    4H=1/2 g t^2
    So, both balls hit at time t.

    t=sqrt 8H/g
    H=1/2 g (sqrt(8H/g)-to)^2
    so you have a quadratic...

    to^2-2to* sqrt(8H/g)-2H/g

    a=1 b=-2sqrt(8H/g) c= -2H/g

    solve by the quadratic equation.

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