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1) He also explained to him that the natives had attacked the steamer because they didn’t want Marlow to leave. He himself was enthusiastic about Kurtz because he had enlarged (or broaden, widen) his mind.
2)He described him as a brilliant talker, a man with great ideas. The Russian confessed that Kurtz could be terrible when ivory was at stake. He even tried to shoot him once because he wanted his ivory. Kurtz had the power to make him go.
3)The natives were devoted to him too because Kurtz had the guns and they hadn’t seen anything like them before. They would be able to do anything if ordered to do so by Kurtz (?).
4)The Russian advised Marlow to take Kurtz away because he was very ill and needed someone to look after him. He needed proper food and medicine
Marlow, however, didn’t admire his devotion to Kurtz.
5)Marlow gave him back the book about seamanship he found in the broken-down hut. The notes in code were actually written in Russian.
6) After talking with the Russian, Marlow goes on describing the inner station.
7)The skulls made Marlow understand Kurtz better. He realized he was a man eager to pursue and satisfy his desires.
8)This summer I did a two-week internship at a wine school. I was asked to carry out (Do) some analyses on wine.

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