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7th grade

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this is from homework work book .
write each fraction or mixed numberas a decimal. use bar notation if the decimal is a repeating decimal

  • 7th grade -

    We do not have your workbook.

    If you post a couple of these fractions and what you think their decimal equivalents are, we'll be glad to help you.

  • 7th grade -

    i have homework and it saids

    3 2 1
    5,3, and 2. the LCM of 5,3, and 2 is _____.so_____ is the lcd.

    i don't understand the teacher did not explainn good

    the work book is called
    all-in-one student work book
    version A
    prentice hall
    mathematics course 2
    please help mhe i need lots of helpp .! :[

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