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Can you please check if the following questions are grammatically correct? Thank you very much.

1)What does Bassanio need money for? OR Why does....
He needs money so that he can go to Belmont and court Portia.
2) What solution does Antonio suggest to him?
He sugggests Bassanio should use his name as a guarantee for a loan from a moneylender.
3) What, according to Portia's father's instructions, does the man who marries Portia have to do? He has to read the messages on the three caskets and choose the correct one.
4) What does Bassanio ask Shylock for?
He asks Shylock for three thousand ducats.
5) On what condition does Shylock agree to the loan? He agrees to the loan on condition that if Antonio fails to repay him, he can take a pound of hsi flesh.
6) Why is Bassanio worried? Because he doesn't trust Shylock.
7) Where does the idea of the pound of flesh originate?
8) What does Lorenzo confess (?)OR tell Graziano when they are alone?
9) Who is Jessica and what does she take with her when she leaves her father's house?
10)What are Shylock's first thoughts on hearing news of his daughter?

  • English -

    1. What does Bassanio need money for? = Why does Bassanio need money?

    5. Delete "on condition that if" from the answer; rephrase, using "unless".

    8. Don't use "confess."

    9. comma after "Jessica"

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