Physics: Data Analysis - Power Law

posted by Shaila

In an experiment, two variables quantities 'x' and 'y' were measure. The relation between x and y is thought to be y=ax^(1/2)
x(m)+/- 0.01m
y(s) +/- 0.05s

a) What will you graph in the y- and x- axis in order to obtain a straight line graph?

b) Draw and complete a table which allows you yo plot the graph(what is missing to draw an additional table??)

c) Explain why under certain circumstances the graph may not pass through the origin?

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  1. Shaila

    please check and correct

    a) in the x-axis i will have the sqrt'x' and the y-axis the 'y' variable

    b) i make a table with the value of sqrt of 'x' and the given y values

    c) just plot the points but how do i find the constant, i tried it algebraically i got 1.02 for the first row and second row onwards 1.01.

    d)inaccuracies of experiment is one of the reasons why it may not pass the origin, but it has something to do with the sqrt and the power law right?

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