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Here are some more sentences on school rules I'd like you to revise. Thank you very much for all.
1) You are not allowed to change your sitting order unlesstold by your tutor.
You have to sit in the same place when you are in the linguistic laboratory.(how can express it?)
2)You must leave your rucksacks outside the computer laboratory and take only your exercise book with you.
3)If you are absent during a test, you'll have to catch it up at the end of the term (and not when we want to).
4) You should be quiet and take notes during an oral test.

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    1. Here is better phrasing:
    Seating assignments are in effect in the linguistic lab. Do not change seats unless your tutor instructs you to do so.

    2. fine

    3. If you are absent during a test, you need to take a make-up test when assigned, before the end of the term.

    4. fine

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