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What does it mean by

1. What is the tone of the satirist?
2. What is the form of the selection?

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    You can look up definitions of various literary terms here:

    Tone is the author's attitude toward his/her subject. If his/her tone is satire ... what do you think?

    satire: Definition, Synonyms from
    Horatian satire's sympathetic tone is common in modern society. Some examples include Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels, Daniel Defoe's The True-Born ...
    Term - Satire and humour - Types of Satire - Development

    Satire The literary art of ridiculing a folly or vice in order to expose or ... The object of satire is usually some human frailty; people, institutions, ...

    A selection's form could be the shape it takes, such as a play or a poem or prose (for novels, short stories...).

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    For the tone, could u give me an example? :|

    Also, "A Tree for Wives to Hang Upon" and "Chamber of Commerce" considered as short story?

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    "A Tree for Wives to Hang Upon"

    A hungry fox stole on day into a vineyard burstling with clusters of grapes all ripe and luscious for eating. But they grew on trellises so high that he leaped, and leaped again, until he was worn out and panting. Giving up at last, he stalked away jauntily. "Take them who will," he sniffed. "The grapes are sour!"

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