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Can you please check the following questionnaire I wrote on Conrad's "Heart of Darkness"?

1) In what way was Marlow different from the other men of the Nellie?
2) What was the central station like?
3) Why was the manager so successful in his job?
4) What did the young agent tell Marlow about Kurzt?
He told him he was the chief of the inner station.
5) Why did the agent want to become a station manager? Because he could make a lot of money dealing with ivory.
6) Why couldn't Marlow start his journey up the river as soon as he arrived at the station?
7) Explain why the manager didn't want the steamer to be repaired as soon as possible.
8) What did the Eldorado Expedition consist of?
9) How did the Victorians see imperialism?
10)Why, according to Conrad, were Europeans likely to behave immorally when they were in Africa?
11) How did Marlow describe Kurzt to the other sailors in Chapter 7?

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    All are fine.

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