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I'm not sure how I should translate the english sentences/questions into spanish:

1) What did they bring? - Que lo trajeron?

2) What did she say? - Que se(or te) dijo?

3) Did you read the newspaper? - Tu leiste el periodico?

I'm not sure if they're right. Also, I didn't put the accents for some of the words.

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    First of all the accent marks must be there if the word has an accent. If you don't know how to do that with a computer, I need to know 2 things. a) do you have a PC or MAC and b) do you have Windows or not.

    ¿Qué trajeron?

    ¿Qué dijo?

    the word order for a question is the verb first and then the subject pronoun.
    ¿Léiste tú el periódico?


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    el curso de ingles es es burrido

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