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For this question:

Hizo Vd. el trabajo para hoy?

my answer:

Si, hizo el trabajo para hoy.

Is the answer written correctly?
At first I thought hice but the question doesn't use hiciste so...

  • Spanish -

    Here is the best way to tackle answering questions in Spanish, until you understand what to do.

    1. Look at the Spanish. Translate it into English Did you do the work for today?

    2. Answer it FIRST in English (I did, I did not) and you will clearly see you need the "yo" form for the answer.) Now try it in Spanish !

    3. Look at the Spanish answer and see if you can can come up with the question that elicited that answer!

    This is a good way to understand questions!

    So, YES, it is NOT "hizo" nor is it "hiciste." try it and I'll come back and check it later.


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