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Here are some more sentences I'm not sure of. Can you please tell me if they are possible in English?

1.You’ll have to buy a ring binder for your English homework. You’ll use the front to write your grammar rules and grammar exercises. In the back (?) you’ll list the vocabulary according to the various topics we will be dealing with during the lesson.
2.As an extra exercise, I advise you to type all the new words (including the Italian translation) into your computer and arrange them in (?) alphabetical order. It’ll be easier for you to look them up. Each folder must contain all the vocabulary related to a certain topic.
3.If you get involved in the lesson taking notes and answering the teacher’s questions, you’ll get a plus at the end of each lesson.
4.Vocabulary tests and grammar tests will be part of your written evaluation (or contribute to your written evaluation).
5.Listening comprehensions and oral tests will make up (?) your oral mark. When evaluating you orally, I’ll consider your fluency, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary accuracy (?), and comprehension skills (?).
6.You can get a “failed”, a “pass”, a fairly good, a good or an excellent mark. (Can you help me express the marking scheme??)
7.To work as a volunteer at (or On?) a summer camp. To listen to music on earphones (or on one’s earphones). To e-mail my friends (but to send e-mails to my friends)
7.I stayed with an English family for two weeks. In the morning I attended an English summer course whereas in the afternoon we were involved in sightseeing tours (or we made trips ???. I’m a sporty (Or sport-loving person).

  • English -

    1. comma after "back"

    3. comma after "lesson"

    4. period after first "evaluation"

    5. "comprehension" -- not plural

    6 would be better with a colon and a series -- You will earn one of the following grades: excellent; good; fairly good; pass; failed.

    7 -- all are fragments, not sentences. Are they intended to be parts of a series to explain some overall activity?

    8. comma after "course"; "I am a sports fan."

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