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Can you please tell me if the following sentences regarding school rules are possible? Thank you.

1.You are not allowed to enter the school building after ten o’clock.
2.School starts at five to eight. Remember to arrive to school five minutes before lessons start.
3.We’ll be having one hour of lesson in the linguistic laboratory, during which you’ll be doing listening tests and watching the news on the BBC.
4.If you are absent, you have to justify your absence on the first day you come back to school.
5.Remember to have your parents check your school report once a month. Each teacher is required to register your marks in your school report. (not only in the teacher's register)
6.You’ll be tested orally twice and you’ll given (or you’ll be doing) three written tests during (?) each term. We’ll draw lots to decide who is going to be tested the following time. In compliance with the school rules, I won’t test you on Mondays.
7.I accept volunteers for the oral test. OR You can come as volunteers for an oral test.
8.Remember to put up your hand if you want to ask me a question. You must keep your cell phone switched off during school hours.

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    1. That's a strange rule. Schools usually admit students at any time during the school day. Occasionally students come in late because of a doctor's appointment.

    2. ok

    3. ok

    4. ok

    5. ok -- but you don't need the part in parentheses

    6. you'll be given . . .
    The rest is ok.

    7. ok

    8. ok

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