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We do not provide the units for your answers. Do no type them in the answer box. Enter the numerical value or calculations only. You drove 2695 miles in 35 hours.

(1) What is your average rate of change?

(2) Suppose you can drive that distance at a legal 75 mile per hour rate.

How long should it take you to complete the trip?

(3) Suppose you are driving that distance at an illegal 86.8 miles per hour rate. You are stopped by a highway patrolman who patiently explains that your foolishness just earned you a ticket. The charges include a $ 300 processing fee and $ 20 for each mile or part of a mile over the posted speed limit. The posted limit is 75-miles per hours.

How much is your ticket going to cost you?

  • MATH -

    Speed = Distance/time

    That will help in the first two problems.

    300 + 20(86.8-75) = ?

    Didn't I answer this for you yesterday?

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