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Hi, I have to wright a full page SA on how geography effects me. Please help!

  • Geography -

    Think of where you live.

    What is your climate? Do you have a lot of rain? A lot of snow? Is it warm all year? Or is it hot in the summer and cold in the winter?

    Do you have snow days off from school? Or have you occasionally had hurricane or earthquake days off? Is your school air-conditioned? Do you have tornadoes in your area? Do you have a winter coat and snow boots? Do you ski nearby?

    If you live where there are mountains, it takes you longer to get places than if you live on the plains. Do you climb hills to get to school?

    What about bodies of water? Do you swim in the ocean or a large lake? Or do you only have swimming pools near you?

    Do you live in or near a major city? How long does it take you to travel to one of the largest cities in the country?

    Then think about your vacations. How does geography affect these experiences?

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