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A long jumper jumps at a 45 degree angle towards the right bank which is 10.0 m away horizontally and 2.5 m vertically below. How long, or short, of the opposite bank will she land?

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    I assume she jumps at 45° above horizontal.
    Is her initial velocity given by the question?

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    No, the initial velocity has to be solved for.

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    Vo = 9.0 m/s
    She lands 0.21 m past the opposite bank

    I'm not sure how to get those numbers, though.

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    How far a long jumper gets obviously depends upon the takeoff speed. Unless you know what that is, you cannot say if she comes up short or not.

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    I just said the takeoff speed is 9.0 m/s.

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    I'm not sure either.

    I have three unknowns (x, t and u =initial velocity), and two equations:

    unless I am missing something.

    In any case, if I substitute u=9 m/s, I get the horizontal distance as 10.27, which is 0.27m past the other bank (and not 0.21).

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    I thought you said that the take-off speed has to be found (unknown).

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    You do have to solve for the take-off speed, but I have the answers. I just don't know the procedure for solving the problem.

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    Neither do I when there are three unknowns and two equations. Sorry.

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