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Who is the main character of "The Lottery" and what best describes the story's plot?

I think the main character is Yessis Hutchinson, correct?
Which best describes the plot?
A.Village residents gather for a lottery, one family is named the winning family and then one member of the family becomes the winner
B. Tradition vs change
c. quiet life in a small violent village

Thank you

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    Yes, Tessie Hutchinson is the main character.

    Which do you think best describes the plot?

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    I think selection "a" about the village residents gather for a lottery, etc:
    Is that correct?

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    I don't recognize that first name, but yes, Mrs. Hutchinson is the main character.

    This all depends on what your teacher means by "describes the plot."
    A is a good plot summary, but the violence is not indicated.
    B and C are not complete sentences, so it's hard to tell.

    What do YOU think?

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