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Is this an example of geo-politics. How would I summarize this because their is so many main points?

Countries like Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa can enjoy thriving export sectors in fruit, wine, cereals, oils, and salmon thanks to the technologies developed for these prducts in temperate zones in the Northern Hempisphere. But the the tropical countries with their production of coffee, cocoa, sugar cane are left out of the modern technology club. The result is that the agricultural sector is much less dynamic in tropical areas than in temperate zones. Since unproductive agricultural workers can produce little more then what they require for personal subsistence rural areas remain sparsely populated have small poor markets and uffer from high transportation costs- which all hamper economic growth.

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    I'm not sure this is a political article. It's a geoeconomic story.

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    The defintion that I was given for geo-politics sates: the relationship between a country's geographic characteristics and conflict with other nations.

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    Where's the conflict?

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