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Mrs Sue please help with checking my answers,TKS

1. Today in class you’re going to talk to your students about
Vitamin C and what it does for a person’s body. From which one
of the following food groups should you select your snack for
A. Bread, cereal, rice, and pasta group
B. Vegetable and fruit group
C. Milk, yogurt, and cheese group
D. Meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs, and nuts group

answer B
2. Maureen, a five-year-old student at your day care center, often
complains of headaches and says her eyes feel sleepy.You’ve
noticed that her complaints usually occur shortly after she’s
been coloring, drawing, or writing. Which one of the following
conditions may Maureen have?
A. Amblyopia C. Hyperopia
B. Myopia D. Strabismus

3. Which one of the following lunches provides variety in both color and texture?
A. Egg salad sandwich, applesauce, celery hearts, milk
B. Egg salad sandwich, banana slices, buttered squash, milk
C. Egg salad sandwich, raisins, wax beans, milk
D. Egg salad sandwich, green grapes, raw carrots, milk


4. As a day care worker, you should be familiar with the development of children. Which one
of the following items is a developmental achievement of a two-month-old infant?
A. Rolling from side to back
B. Eruption of teeth
C. Good control of head
D. Turning toward the source of a sound


5. A child in your program has just returned after having chickenpox.You notice that she still
has a few dry scabs. What should you do?
A. Send her home. She is still contagious.
B. Welcome her back and let her know what there is to do today.
C. Allow her to stay, but discourage her from playing with other children.
D. Take her temperature to check for a fever.

6. Which one of the following surfaces would be best for use under a swing set at a day care
A. Finely chopped rubber C. Asphalt
B. Concrete D. Smoothly packed soil


7. A condition often brought on by an allergic reaction is
A. anemia. C. asthma.
B. diabetes. D. seizures.

8. Four-year-old Jacob comes from a family in which hypertension is common. It’s probable
that Jacob will need a diet that’s low in
A. fats. C. salt.
B. iron. D. sugar.

9. The children in your class are working on an art project that requires them to use a
standard hair dryer to produce a particular effect. Of the following locations, which one
would be the safest place to put the hair dryer while the children are working on the
A. On a countertop
B. On your desk
C. In a location where you must hand it to them
D. On the floor or a low table

10. The main difference between emergency care and first aid is the
A. severity of the condition being treated.
B. person performing the treatment.
C. age of the victim.
D. location in which the treatment is given.

11. Carla is generally a quiet girl, but recently you’ve noticed that she often plays by herself.
When you approach her, she often jumps back as if she’s frightened of you. For several
weeks Carla has been complaining of a pain in her back, and she often has cuts and
bruises that she claims are from falls.You suspect that Carla is being physically abused at
home. What should you do?
A. Report your suspicions to a child protection service immediately.
B. Talk to Carla’s family about your suspicions.
C. Wait until you can prove the abuse and then report it.
D. Take Carla to a doctor to have her injuries treated.


12. Why is the incubation stage of an illness of concern to day care workers?
A. Children in this stage require a great deal of care and special attention.
B. Children in this stage often need special medical help.
C. Children in this stage can often pass on the disease even though they show no signs of
D. Children in this stage must be separated from other children at the center.


13. Following the nutritional label on a jar of peanut butter, you determine that 1 ounce of the
peanut butter contains 115 calories and 9 grams of fat. What percent of the calories come
from fat?
A. 30 C. 70
B. 40 D. 80

14. Which one of the following conditions may result in dehydration?
A. Diaper rash C. Apnea
B. Diarrhea D. Hyperventilation

15. The introduction of semisolid foods to a five-month-old infant may be delayed if
A. the infant has bottle mouth syndrome.
B. family members have a history of allergies.
C. the infant consistently prefers a bottle.
D. the infant is teething.

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    1. correct
    2. wrong
    3 & 4. correct
    5. wrong
    6 & 7. correct
    8. wrong
    9 - 12. correct
    13. I don't know
    14, 15. correct

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  • childcare -


  • childcare -

    Hypertension means High blood pressure therefore you must maintain a diet low in salt. The answer for number 8 is C. Number 1-3 correct. Number 4-D. 5-B 9-D 13-C

  • childcare -

    the answer for number 4 is d,9d

  • childcare -

    1B ,2C 3D 4A 5B 6A 7C 8C 9D 10A 11A 12C 13C 14D 15B

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    thx every one, I have completed my course successfully, with a 95% average

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