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What do you think is a good website which would help me for the great gatsby and hamlet? My Grade 12 english is about to start and I am a 70% student, I don't know how to improve my marks. We have to write essays, unit test on the book which would require us to know the book inside out. I just came to know about this website, posting question to help students like us is a great thing, thankk you so muchh for your response :)you guys rockk!!

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    Go to Sparknotes.com. Put in the title of the book. I believe they have the best review/analysis.

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    Gurublue is right -- sparknotes.com is really good for helping students wade through Shakespeare's works! In addition to the regular review/analysis, try this section of Sparknotes, too:

    In addition, Cliffs puts out an excellent book (yes, a real book, with printed pages and all!) that is superb -- Cliffs Complete. If you can't find it in your local Border's or Barnes and Noble, you can find it on amazon.com.

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