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10th grade Honors English

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What is my English teacher asking? Here is the prompt.

Life can be considered a series of stories. It is the narrative we tell and hear the create the life the we live. And it id through these narratives that messages are passes. "October Sky", "Celebration of Grandfathers", and "Getting a job" or more than the events of ones life.

In a well written essay analysis the message and the means for a few of these pieces. Look at the construction of argument; the stickiness of the message; the ethos of the writer; the convictions of the reader; etc.

  • 10th grade Honors English -

    What kind of HELP do you need? You need to be specific when asking questions here.

    If all you do is post your entire assignment, nothing will happen since no one here will do your work for you. But if you are specific about what you don't understand about the assignment or exactly what help you need, someone might be able to assist you.

  • 10th grade Honors English -

    Well i want to know what my teacher is asking

  • 10th grade Honors English -

    Your teacher wants you to write an essay about the messages of some of these stories. What do they tell you about life. Be sure to include the last sentence of the assignment.

  • 10th grade Honors English -

    how should I start my paper on persuading my teacher that I'll get an A in her class

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