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Can someone please help me with this problem? I can not figure it out. Thank you.

solve 4x + x(x-1)=0,

find the x-intercepts of

  • Algebra -

    The x(-axis) intercepts are the points on the curve where y = 0.

    In this case, you can find them by solving
    0 = 4x + x(x-1) = x^2 + 3x = x(x+3)
    This equation is satisfied at x=0 and x=-3
    The x-intercepts are therefore at
    (x,y) = (-3,0) and (0,0).

  • Algebra -

    This equation can be solved by factoring:
    4x + x(x-1)=0
    x=0 or x+3=0
    Can you take it from here?

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