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Please help me with this math question please. Am I correct in my computing?

11-6 5
____ = _____ = undefined
7-7 0

If I am wrong please help and can you show the work? Thank you.

  • mat115 -

    I cannot make out what you are typing.
    In this forum, fractions are typed as 11/7

    Please retype.

  • mat115 -

    Sorry Reiny,

    The question is 11-6/7-7

    I thought the answer was 5/0= undefined. Can you please let me know if I am wrong and show the work so I can further understand your answer. Thanks Reiny

  • mat115 -

    The way you typed it ....
    11 - 6/7 - 7
    = 4 - 6/7
    = 28/7 - 6/7
    = 22/7

    If you meant
    then it is indeed 5/0 which would be undefined.

  • mat115 -

    11-6/7=10 1/7
    10 1/7-7= 3 1/7

  • mat115 -

    There are multiple choices for the answer to this problem. They are a) 1/5 b) undefined c) 5 d) 5/7

    Thanks again for both of your help

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