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After having studied all the sites suggested by Sra and Writeacher,
I have found, that "eponym", as well as "toponym", has two definitions.
1) a name from which another name or word is derived.
2)a word derived from a person.

This would make both, Athena and Athens, eponyms.

1) a place name (Athens)
2) a word derived from a place (athenian, spartan)

Thus, Athens would be both, an eponym and a toponym.

Am I now correct?
Thank you for your help and patience.

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    It seems to me that Athens is a toponym only.

    Here's an example of the second defintion for eponym that I heard recently on a rerun of the TV show NUMB3RS:

    "Now don't go all Fleinhart on me." (Fleinhart is the name of one of the characters on that show; he is portrayed as an astronomy and physics professor who is the quintessential absent-minded professor.)

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    Thank you Writeacher.
    The reason that I thought Athens is an eponym as well as a toponym, is that in one of the sites it said that
    Romulus is the eponym for Rome and Rome is an eponym for Romulus.
    Thank you so much for all your help and patience. This is a fantastic site and all you teachers are magnificent!!!

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    You're very welcome, EG. =)

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