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For the quote "Remember the Maine"
I went on a lot of websites and most of the websites said that "remember the Maine" was said by Americans.

I can't seem to find what the meaning of the quote was.

Did people say it when they wanted to go to war with Spain?

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    another question for "government is not the solution to our problem, Government is the problem"

    would the significance of this quote in illuminating a theme in US history be:

    that people shouldn't rely on the government?

    Sorry, I might have two more questions after.

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    There are different schools of thought in our country, and (in my opinion) there need to be. If all of us thought exactly the same way, there would not be nearly as much innovation among us.

    Many people believe that the more laws a government passes which control its citizens' lives, the less free those citizens are. Others believe that government is needed more and more to take care of its citizens. And my guess is that most US citizens are somewhere in between.

    If you read the preamble to the US Constitution -- -- you can see that the different elements in the series there can be interpreted differently by different people.

    I don't know if that answers your question (or if it's TMI!), but it should help you come to your own conclusion once you read the preamble and think about it.

    You might also want to read about John Locke and Thomas Hobbes and how their ideas influenced our country's documents.

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