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algebra 1

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this promblem will prepare you for the real world connection.
the air around u puts pressure on ur body equal 14.7 pounds per square inch (psi). when you are underwater, the water exerts additional pressure on ur body. for each foot u r below the surface of the water, the pressure increases by 0.445 psi.
a) what does 14.7 represent in the 14.7 + 0.445d? my answer pounds..( is it correct?)
b) what does d presents in the expression?
c) what is the total pressire exerted on a person's body when d=8 ft?
pls help me with this one

  • algebra 1 -

    14.7 psi is the base value of pressure out of water.

    psi = pounds per square inch

    d = depth in feet

    14.7 + .445 * 8 = ?

  • algebra 1 -

    The answer shoud be a 121.02 psi

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