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To joejoe ...

posted by .

... or brxce or christian or whoever,

We have temporarily blocked you from posting here for a couple of days, and we hope that when you are unblocked, you'll remember a few things:

1. Do. Not. Plagiarize. This means do not copy from another website or anywhere else without giving details of the source.

2. Do not answer other students' questions. There are plenty of tutors for that.

3. Do not post a question and then tell what you DON'T want tutors to do, such as "please don't put a link."

So ...
**Post specific questions that you truly need help with.
**Keep all other thoughts and comments to yourself.
**Post in only one name; we can tell when students are playing games with multiple names. It's annoying.

Please return in a couple of days, ready to use this site as it's intended.


  • To joejoe ... -

    If you really know the answer to a question and it hasn't been answered, by all means answer it. Remember, though, that many people who post questions on this board are adults and do not want an uninformed answer from a child.

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