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Rewrite this without the coefficient.
Example: 3m = m+m+m

However, I cannot seem to figure out what to do with this problem:


I can't figure out how to rewrite so the -5 is gone and without changing the exponents!

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    One possiblity would be

    -[m^3n^2 + m^3n^2 + m^3n^2 + m^3n^2 + m^3n^2]

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    The - in front is like a -1 so that would still leave a coefficient...

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    Unless it was (-m^3n^2 + -m^3n^2 + -m^3n^2 + -m^3n^2 + -m^3n^2) then that would have eliminated the -1 in front! I knew it was easy I just couldn't get my brain to wrap around it!

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