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THE QUESTION IS EXAMINE THE LINK BETWEEN ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH and ILLUSTRATE HOW CHANGES IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT CAN BE HEALTH PROMOTING. SOME USEFUL GUIDELINES:From quickly looking at the question, I think that you need to include the following areas mental health - affected by: threat of crime - changes would include bottom-up approaches of community groups involved working with the local police to focus on problem areas. Also - by providing youth centres the young people less likely to congregate on streets Improved lighting on pavements, alleyways and in staircases and walkways in blocks of flats. improving the aesthetic appearances of the environment - painting walls to cover graffiti, planting trees and flowers etc so it looks better. By involving the community, especially the elderly and the young encourages them to work together so improving relationships and makes them take responsibility for their neighbourhood. providing dog poo bins and poop scoop bags encourages dog owners to pick up the mess. Also providing litter bins reduces the amount of rubbish left lying around. physical health - damp housing linked to respiratory problems cold housing linked to increased deaths in winter for elderly poorly maintained housing linked to increased accidents - especially elderly and children - solutions include double glazing, central heating - repairing old council housing - look at housing regulations. flats - difficult for elderly and mothers with prams to get out if lifts broken - rebuild houses insteads of flats or house these groups on lower floors. with no gardens it is difficult for young children to play outside - provide secure play ares with seating and shelter for parents to sit, physical activity - even, well maintained pavements and walkways to encourage walking, cycle paths, sports grounds to encourage young people, families and elderly - reduces obesity, depression, improves strength and mobility in elderly to reduce likelihood of falls. children learning good exercise habits are likely to last into adulthood - also if sporty less likely to take up drinking, smoking and drugs. providing allotments - social places which encourages community relationships - improves physical activity, reduces depression and privides cheap fresh fruit and vegetables - especially improtant if people live in flats with no gardens. road safety - speed limitations - humps, zebra crossings, traffic lights to reduces accidents - especially for children. Also ensure pelican crossings last long enough for elderly to cross. Maybe have pedestrian only areas. community centres - churches - for social activities, healthy living centres and surestart centres find out if there is one near you and write about what courses/ sevices they offer schools - playschools - for education jobs - need to be available - rebuilding / regenerating areas should use local people and train them in a skill Access to medical services - GP, NHs dentist and opticians - could a surgery added to a surestrt or old peoples centre. Disabled people - do all services (medical, shops, schools etc ) have access for wheelchairs? shops - in deprived ares reduced access to cheap fresh food - build new shops ( not just fast food outlets or off-licences) need access to local super markets - improved public transport to access services outside immediate neighbourhood.

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