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Peter and Maria are adopting a child whose biological parents have low IQs. They want to know if this child, too is likely to have a low IQ? Which one of the following is the best response to their question?

a) While IQ is heritable at least in part, environmental influence can have a great impact. Even so, it isnt possible to make predictions about any individual
b) nothing is known about the heritability of IQ
C) THE IQ's of the childs biological parents is irreelevant, since environmental influence will far outweigh heritability
d) yes, since heritability is a major factor in determining IQ, the child is likely to have a low score


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    my experience tells me to go with d. I would suggest review your text on this.

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    My experience tells me to go with a.

    One of my favorite students was the natural child of two retarded parents. She was raised by an aunt, and by the time I had her in 7th grade she had at least normal intelligence and earned B's in regular classes.

    Check your text on this.

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    It's possible that one or both parents had low IQs because of prenatal or birth defects.

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    I would also vote for A.

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