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Parents can help their children acquire language by:

a) reading and talking with them
b) correcting every grammatical mistake
c)placing them in front of a computer
d) eating foods rich in vitamin A

Am confused between b and c but i am leaning more towards c

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    Oh, my! I'm afraid you're way off on this one.

    Children acquire language skills by having someone read to and talk with them.

    Children have been learning language since the beginning of human beings. Computers have only been ubiquitous in the last 15 years or so.

    Correcting every grammatical mistake will likely encourage the kids to shut up.

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    a) has proven its effectiveness.

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    lol i guess i was because i was thinking in terms of now how things are and how technology is taking over as far as learning

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    Definitely A.

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    I am sure that A is the correct answer! Perhaps eating foods rich in A can help, but without the reading and talking to them, it would not do anything at all!

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