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What are subjunctive verbs in Spanish? I've learned them before but I don't understand them.

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    When talking about something that might or might not happen, a special tense called the subjunctive is often used. It’s not just a verb tense —it’s a MOOD—throwing some emotion or opinion into the sentence. Using the subjunctive can be tricky for English speakers, so the key is to remember it as the emotional, doubtful, hopeful MOOD. Things that MAY or MAY NOT happen —often opinions or wishes rather than hard facts. need any more help marc?

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    thanks bob i mean i tried to post the link but it didn't allow it. lose.

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    This is my favorite thing to explain. It becomes a "thought process." You need to see if it DID happen = indicative/fact or "may" or "might" but when you look into a crystal ball you can't tell if it did, would or will!

    There are many reasons for using the Subjuntive = emotion, doubt, hope or wish, adverbs of time, etc. As you get to each aspect, we'll be glad to explain it further.


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