Math- Completely confused!

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Simplify each expression (where possible) and write the answer without using negative or fractional exponents. Assume that X>0.

a. 8x^(1/3)
b. (-8x)^(1/3)
c. (8x)^(-1/3)
d. (3x^(3/4))(16x)^(1/4)
e. (x^(1/2)) / (x^(5/2)

so far my answers are : a.2x b. -2x c.1/2x but i feel that i'm doing it completely wrong. d&e i don't know how to solve them...
Could someone explain how to simplify them? Thank You!

  • Math- Completely confused! -

    If it is 8 * x^(1/3)
    that can not be simplifies.
    If it were (8 x)^(1/3)
    that would be 2 x^(1/3)

    b. -8(1/3) = -2 yes
    but x^(1/3) = x^(1/3), no simplification
    so I get -2 x^(1/3)

    c. 1/8^(1/3) = 1/2
    so I get
    (1/2)(x^-(1/3) )
    1/[2 x^(1/3)]

    d. 3 * 16^(1/4) * x^(3/4)*x^(1/4)
    6 x

    e. x^(1/2 - 5/2) = x^-4/2 = x^-2 = 1/x^2

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