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What are the concentrations of all the solute species in a 1.2 M solution of acetic acid, HC2H3O2?
(a) [H3O+], M;
(b) [OH-], M;
(c) [CH3COOH], M;
(d) What is the pH of the solution? For CH3COOH, Ka = 1.8 x 10-5

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    You want the ionization and Ka. To make things simple for typing, we will call acetic acid HAc.
    HAc + H2O ==> H3O + Ac^-

    Ka = (H3O^+)(Ac^-)/(HAc)
    Set up an ICE chart, substitute into Ka expression and solve for H3O^+, Ac^-, and HAc. For OH, use (H^+)(OH^-) = 1 x 10^-14; OH can be calculated knowing H^+.

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