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During a lift off , the thrust a rocket produces must overcome the force of gravity in order to lift the rocket off the ground. If a rocket with a mass of 5kg produces a force of 180N, how fast will the rocket be travelling 3 seconds after ignition?

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    First calculate the acceleration.

    a = (Thrust-Weight)/M = (180-M*g)/M
    180/5 -g = 26.2 m/s^2

    Assume the mass remains the same (although it actually must decrease as propellant is released) and use

    Y = (1/2) a t^2
    to compute how far it rises (Y) in t=3 seconds.

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    I just noticed they asked for the velocity after three seconds, not the distance.
    Use V = a t for velocity.

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    thank you drwls

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