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if p and q are the solutions of the equation atanx+bsecx,show that tan(A+B)=2ac/(a^2-c^2)

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    I am wondering what c is.

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    a,b and c are constants

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    just where is b?

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    also, atanx +bsecx=c,i missed c and i am sorry for that

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    The more I study your question, it is fraught with errors.

    Are you certain you are not proving

    Tan(P+Q)= 2ac/(a^2-c^2)

    That is rather straightforward.

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    yeah one more mistake from my part it is to prove tan(p+q)=...

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    help please

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    atanx bsecx

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    This is another answer -
    We are going to elinamate 'b' (rember in this type of questions ordirnely elimanation is important) i gave a ans in pervious post now other.
    P and q are roots therfore..
    atanp bsecq

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    Arti and bobpursly got ur ans .

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