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Which way of asking for action carries the highest level of politeness?

A. A polite order
B. An indirect request
C. A question
D. An order

I'm a bit confused as to what this question is asking for. However, I believe the answer may be B since asking for an indirect request is where you are being your most polite as to not offend the person to not do your request. But as I said, I'm not too sure about that. Any help is much appreciated.

I received a little help from a few of you but I am still confused as to what the answer may be. I still believe B is the answer but I still have doubts. I need a bit more guidance for this question.

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    I like B.

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    Right? I knew it had to be that. It sounds the most logical. Thank you so much Ms. Sue! I really appreciate it! ^_^

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    Please note, though, that since several of us disagreed on the answer, it's possible your instructor will also disagree on your answer.

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    Yeah. I just read that another person said that the answer is most likely C... this question is harder than it looks. XP So, I suppose that when asking a question, it contains more politeness because it's asking for someone to do something. Now that I think about it, it does make more sense. So it could be C.

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    It's a poorly worded question. Writeacher's point about the question is good -- but I don't know that the test author was thinking about that.

    A question could be considered a polite request.

    Would you please take out the garbage?
    Please take out the garbage.

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    * a polite order

    Thinking about it some more -- an indirect request may not convey a need for action.

    Now I lean toward A.

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    Like I said, it's a confusing question. XD I will try my best in answering it. Thanks to both you and Writeacher, I seem to be understanding it a bit better now. I am now certain that I was wrong with B. It's between A and C now. I'm making progress and that's all that matters to me! Thanks for all the help. =^.^=

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    You've got it! The important thing is that you're thinking about it. The actual "right" answer is not important.

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    I would agree with answer A. Polite order!

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    So, is A the correct answer

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